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An Introduction to Coral

I've decided to add a section to my coloring book about coral. This decision came about while I was talking to my mom (who is going to be joining us on the upcoming snorkeling trip) and telling her about some exciting new study on coral I had read. She stopped me to ask, "So why is coral in trouble right now? I know that it is, but I'm not really sure why." As I began to explain what coral bleaching is, I quickly realized I needed to pause and first cover some coral basics so we could have a common understanding to build on. This section of the coloring book is intended to help give my neice and the rest of my family (and anyone else who's interested) some common knowledge about coral so we can talk about all the problems facing coral right now.

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Diving with The Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF)

Five years after I first learned about CRF and their volunteer & dive programs, I was finally able to join them for a dive! The morning session was great - we learned about the economic and environmental cost of losing coral reefs as well as CRF restoration methods and techniques. There was a good deal… Continue reading Diving with The Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF)


Learning about Symbiodinium

I love to take any opportunity I get to learn more about coral. Recently I got a chance to really deep dive into the symbiotic organisms (Symbiodinium) responsible for coral photosynthesis. I used my Biology class phylogeny paper to learn about these amazing organisms and their relationship with coral. The results of the phylogeny paper… Continue reading Learning about Symbiodinium


Citizen Science with Coral Restoration Foundation

Not long after I got certified to scuba dive, I learned about the Coral Restoration Foundation. CRF is a really exciting and amazing organization dedicated to "actively restoring coral reefs on a massive scale, educating others on the importance of our oceans, and using science to further coral research and coral reef monitoring techniques." While… Continue reading Citizen Science with Coral Restoration Foundation


Coral Kindergartens with SECORE International

I was deep in a research rabbit hole because I had read that there are some concerns around the idea of coral restoration through nurseries alone. The nurseries often rely on coral organism’s’ ability to reproduce through cloning. A single fragment off of a larger coral can be replanted where it will grow into a new coral individual that is genetically identical to the original coral. If a majority of coral is being raised in nurseries and out-planted from only a few genetic strains, coral populations lose genetic diversity causes all sorts of problems. All this had me wondering, how do coral reproduce?