Coloring Book

The Grunt Family

Like the Wrasse Family, no fish coloring book could be complete without a section on the Grunt family. The Bluestripe grunts in particular seem to be absolutely everywhere I dive or snorkel in the Keys. Their electric blue stripes make them easy to spot and fun to color. If we're really lucky, we might even get to see some Bluestripe Grunts performing their open-mouth behavior!

Coloring Book

The Wrasse Family

No fish coloring book could be complete without a substantial section on the Wrasse family. These fish are common, plentiful, often brightly colored, and ecologically significant - an all around win for snorkeling and coloring! I've included the most common wrasses - Yellow and Blue headed Wrasses and Hogshead Wrasse - as well as the rarer but fantastically colored Puddingwife wrasse.

Coloring Book


This next installation of my fish coloring book is about Goatfishes. I think we are pretty likely to see some Yellow Goatfish on our snorkeling trip, but it might be hard to see a spotted goatfish while snorkeling. This is mainly because yellow goatfish will swim around in groups while Spotted Goatfish tend to just hang out on the bottom. I've included these fish mainly because I think the way these fish find food is really remarkable. I have included a short recording of a Spotted Goatfish using its barbels to search for food over the sand to give you an idea of what I mean.

Coloring Book

Smooth Trunkfish

Boxfish have a very special place in my heart - physiologically, they are some of the most fascinating fish I've seen. No matter how many times I see a Boxfish, I always get excited and stop to watch them noodle by. If you've ever seen one head-on, you know exactly what I'm talking about. I don't know if we'll get to see a box fish on our upcoming snorkeling trip, but it this coloring book just wouldn't be complete without at least one of these fantastic fish!

Coloring Book, Coral

Staghorn Coral

I'm so excited that I was able to schedule a morning classroom session with the Coral Restoration Foundation for all of us. Since we're going to be learning a whole lot about coral from the perspective of coral restoration, I though a page about Staghorn coral - one of the most common coral species to be outplanted in coral restoration programs - would be appropriate.