Coloring Book

The Parrotfish Family

I finally finished the Parrotfish collection! This is the third installation of my fish coloring book featuring several species of Parrotfish - many of which are a very common sight when snorkeling, diving, or even just walking along the docks! I think my niece will really enjoy these fish - especially because they big enough to be easy to spot - even for a 6-year-old newbie snorkeler. Not only are Parrotfish a fairly common sight, but I think they are also some of the most beautiful fish I've seen and should be a lot of fun to color!

Coloring Book

The Butterflyfish Family

This collection of Butterflyfish make up the second installation of my fish coloring book. My plan for this coloring book is to represent either fish that my niece would be most likely to see when snorkeling or fish that would be fun to color. While I'm not sure we'll be so lucky as to get to see butterfly fish while snorkeling (fingers crossed), I think Butterfly fish are really beautiful and definitely meet the second criteria!

Coloring Book

The Snapper Family

This small collection of drawings of fish from the Snapper Family marks the first installation of my fish coloring book. I chose yellowtail snapper and Schoolmaster to start my fish coloring book project because I wanted to make this a collection of fish that my niece would be most likely to see when snorkeling (or fish that would be fun to color). I don't think I've ever been out diving or snorkeling in the Keys without seeing a Yellow tail snapper or a Schoolmaster.

Coloring Book

A Fish Journal for a six-year-old

My six-year-old niece is coming to visit and we are going snorkeling! I'm very excited! Not only because she's a fun kid to hang out with, but also because she shares my love of fish and learning about the ocean. So, I've been thinking about all the things we could do together and how I might need to adapt them a bit for a tiny person.

Citizen Science

Citizen Science with CRF

Last February, I wrote about CRF's Citizen Science program and now, almost a year later I had the chance to try out some citizen science and help monitor the coral out-planted by CRF. Our last dive over Christmas was to Pickles Reef - the southernmost location in the north cluster of sites listed on the… Continue reading Citizen Science with CRF