Snorkeling with Manatees at Crystal River

I’ve read about manatees before but never really knew much about them. They always seemed like such an exotic and bizarre animal – the kind you have to travel around the world to see. Now that we live in Florida, how could I possible not go swim with these amazing, gentle giants? I booked a tour with Seadaddy’s Adventures & Dive Center and we set out early in the morning for a day swimming with Manatees.

I love the sound track here – constant munching.

Our guide told us we were watching a mother and nursing calf … I saw one manatee and wow! she was one huge mama! I kept looking and looking for the calf … and then I saw the mama. The huge manatee I had been watching was the baby!

Wait, that’s the baby manatee?

Several times, I found myself looking and looking, I could hear them munching, but was unable to see through the murky water that had been stirred up by Manatees munching on grass. No manatee … no manatee …whoah! Giant manatee face! Right in my face! Amazing!

Looking for the manatee, then suddenly, Manatee!