Coloring Book

A Fish Journal for a six-year-old

My six-year-old niece is coming to visit and we are going snorkeling! I’m very excited! Not only because she’s a fun kid to hang out with, but also because she shares my love of fish and learning about the ocean. So, I’ve been thinking about all the things we could do together and how I might need to adapt them a bit for a tiny person.

One of my absolute favorite things to do after a snorkel or dive is look up all the fish I saw (& can remember). I try to write what I saw and learned in my fish journal so I’ll remember it better. Obviously, a six-year-old can’t write in a journal yet… but while looking through my journal, I was struck by all the little sketches I had done of different key ID features on different fish.

The sketches gave me the idea to do a Fish Coloring Book – something that would help teach her (& me) about the fish and that we could enjoy doing together.

I immediately began pulling out all my best photos and sorting through which fish she would be most likely to see and which fish would be the most fun to color.

On the front will be the fish drawing to color and the back will have some info about the fish and a space to write notes about the fish for yourself.

I’ll share my progress on this project as I complete the pages. …