Coloring Book

The Butterflyfish Family

This collection of Butterflyfish make up the second installation of my fish coloring book. My plan for this coloring book is to represent either fish that my niece would be most likely to see when snorkeling or fish that would be fun to color. While I’m not sure we’ll be so lucky as to get to see butterfly fish while snorkeling (fingers crossed), I think Butterfly fish are really beautiful and definitely meet the second criteria!

You can read about this project in the post “A Fish Journal for a six-year-old” and you can see all the posts for this project using the tag “Fish Coloring Book“.

Butterflyfish typically have very round bodies with fins shaped so that they look like an almost perfect oval. 

Aruba; 12/02/2013 – photo by Erica or Chuck Lauer Vose

They have tiny mouths that are perfect for biting their favorite food – tiny marine worms that live in the sand around reefs. 

Key Largo; Molasses and French Reefs – 12/27/2021. Video by Chuck Lauer Vose

Their eyes can be difficult to see because they have a dark bar of color running from top to bottom right over their eye. By hiding their eyes, other predators who might want to eat them get confused about which direction they are facing, giving the butterflyfish time to escape!