Coloring Book

The Grunt Family

Like the Wrasse Family, no fish coloring book could be complete without a section on the Grunt family. The Bluestripe grunts in particular seem to be absolutely everywhere I dive or snorkel in the Keys. Their electric blue stripes make them easy to spot and fun to color. If we’re really lucky, we might even get to see some Bluestripe Grunts performing their open-mouth behavior!

You can read about this project in the post “A Fish Journal for a six-year-old” and you can see all the posts for this project using the tag “Fish Coloring Book“.

Bluestriped Grunt; Islamorada; 09/06/2021. Photo by Chuck Lauer Vose.
Porkfish in front of a Bluestriped Grunt; Molasses Reef, The Canyons; 12/24/2021. Photo by Chuck Lauer Vose.